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Most frequent questions and answers

Tickets can cause increases in insurance premiums for years, result in surcharges for years, heavy fines, court costs, and penalties. Tickets can tarnish your driving record, prevent you from obtaining certain types of employment where driving is required, result in your insurance company possibly dropping your coverage, and/or tarnish your driving record if a police officer ever pulls you over again in the future. Fighting your ticket to try and get your ticket dismissed or lower your fines can help you avoid these consequences.

MyTicketDefense is an online service offered by a renowned tri-state law firm whose lawyers meet a multi-factor quality selection process with affordable reduced record-low flat-rates. The large majority of our clients typically see a drastic savings of 50% or more on fees for traffic cases.

Yes, the lawyers in our firm are vetted to meet a multi-factor quality selection process, which includes a minimum experience level requirement. Once you register with MyTicketDefense, a Lawyer will be matched to you. You will then receive an email from MyTicketDefense informing you of your Lawyer’s contact information. You will be able to directly communicate with your Lawyer via telephone or email.

The possible outcomes from fighting your ticket and succeeding can include: Full Dismissal, Amended and Reduced to a Non-Moving Violation, Reduction in Ticket Points, No Points, or Deferral with Tickets Dropped. Your Lawyer is the one who can guide you the best on this topic, discuss strategy with you, and discuss the best possible outcomes with you.

Missing a Court Date can result in a Warrant being issued for your Arrest and/or your driving privileges being revoked. Fortunately, our Lawyers can still represent you. Simply complete the registration process in the same way you would as if you have a future hearing date and a Lawyer will be matched to your case and then discuss the process and steps that will be necessary to handle your Warrant and Tickets from the missed Court Date.

Lawyers will sometimes do a Discovery Request either in advance of your hearing or in-person at the Court on the day of your Hearing. A Discovery Request involves your Lawyer requesting all of the evidence the police and prosecutor have against you in regard to your traffic violation. This may include items, such as: Notes of the Police Officer, Police Procedure Manuals, Instruction Manuals for Speed Radars, Printouts from Speed Radars, Recent Calibration Records of Speed Radars, Audio or Video Recordings from the Police Car or Police Officer, and other important evidence which your Lawyer can use to formulate a Defense of your Tickets.

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