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Karen A. Sferlazzo - Lawyer fighting to protect your rights.

We will fight to protect your rights.

We understand that in many circumstances, contact with the courts and litigation can be an intimidating and emotional experience. We are here to assist you through this uncomfortable process.  Dedication and commitment to our clients are paramount.

We can help you through the most troubling times and will vigorously fight for your rights and will protect your interests in any case.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney and that you trust that your lawyer has your best interests at heart.

Our no nonsense and honest approach in evaluating each case has proven to be most effective with outstanding results for each of our clients.

Karen A. Sferlazzo - Lawyer at 20 Spring Street - Warwick, NY

20 Spring Street – Warwick, NY

What you will receive when discussing your case at our office is a thorough evaluation and explanation of all your rights and options, including less-conventional (outside the box) solutions.  My 16 years of courtroom experience has proven that a favorable resolution of your case may be obtained through perseverance and dedication.

Our personalized and direct approach makes us very effective in obtaining favorable outcomes in a timely manner for our clients.  We also offer a secure web portal to streamline communications with our clients.

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